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Get A FREE 6-Pack For Your Testimonial. Click Here To Learn More

Get A FREE 6-Pack For Your Testimonial. Click Here To Learn More

Works on my couch, carpets, stairs, and car.

Oh my God!!! This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. StickySheets works on my couch, carpets and stairs, in my car. I love this thing!!! I have an American Eskimo Spitz - she sheds like nothing I've ever seen and this cleans up her hair so well!!! To whoever invented this - it is about time!!! Thanks for saving me so much time. -Posted on Doggie News

StickySheets came to my rescue!

Imagine my excitement!! An impromptu football party--at MY house in 15 mintues!!!... Uh-oh, Penelope and Snarky had left their hairy trail AGAIN!! The RED SUEDE Sofa and Loveseat!!! QUICK AND EASY, the Sticky Sheet came to my rescue and my furniture was perfectly clean and hairless!! Amazing!! In less than TWO minutes both sofa and loveseat were in perfect condition and my party was ON!! -Lois of Bradenton, FL

Works SOOO Well!

I was given these free, to try. I misplaced them for about a year and just relocated them the other day. I tried them on my microfiber comforter to get dirt and dog hair off and it worked SOOO well. I will be purchasing them in the future. -Melanie A.

A product that actually works.

I've had multiple (many) cats for more than 30 years. My living room furniture was so fur covered that I couldn’t even tell what color my couch was. My kids had a saying that "Everything tastes better with cat hair in it"... a joke I was not proud of. Thank you so much for making a product that actually works. Finally. It took less than an hour and 18 StickySheets to "de-cat" ALL the furniture COMPLETELY. And I mean completely, including the corners. Now I use about one sheet a week to keep the living room clean. -Clara, Chicago