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Adios, inefficient lint rollers. Sayonara unwieldy vacuum brush attachments. StickySheets pet hair removal sheets are here!


About StickySheets

With over 25,000 tons of pet hair shed by pets in the US every year, StickySheets will render lint rollers obsolete for large-scale hair removal tasks virtually overnight. Lint rollers are perfect for removing lint from clothing, but no matter how sticky you make the adhesive on one, you still have to stop every few seconds and arduously peel away layers to regain a few moderately effective strokes – if the roll actually stays on the roller. Even then, they still don’t do the job well. 

StickySheets are about two times stickier than hair removal rollers and typically remove all the hair in just one application. It’s even sticky enough to remove those woven in hairs that usually require one by one removal by hand.

  • New York Post “You and Your Pet” columnist “[Julia] Szabo swears by StickySheets, which provide the fuzz-lifting action of a lint roller for a larger surface area.”
    Real Simple magazine

    “Fabric shavers, lint brushes, commercial lint rollers, velvet brushes and lint chasers beware! Make room for the only effective way to remove large areas of cat/dog hair:”

  • “What’s amazing about StickySheets isn’t that it gets hair off furniture the first time. It’s that it keeps on working time after time.”

    KDKA-TV (Pittsburgh CBS affiliate) consumer reporter Yvonne Zanos

    sing lint rollers or smaller pieces of tape, use one huge, honkin’ sheet and pull everything off in one rip.”

  • “Adieu, lint roller. … The reusable adhesive sheets are … perfect for large surface areas. …”
    “Just for Pets” column, Newsday

    “One of the easiest products we have found for getting cat hair off the office sofa. …”
    Rainy Day magazine