Do they stick to themselves like plastic wrap? 
No. Unlike plastic wrap, Sticky Sheets are specially formulated to pull apart easily if they should stick to themselves. 

Just how big are Sticky Sheets? 
StickySheets are BIG: 23" x 35", making 6 square feet of hair-gripping surface per sheet- more than enough to cover most chairs. 

That's really big. Are they hard to handle? 
Not at all! StickySheets have an easy to use backing which takes the hassle out of cleaning pet hair and lint off of upholstery. Simply peel off the top strip, stick the sheet to the item you wish to clean, and then pull the rest of the backing off.

How many times can I use a single StickySheet on a surface before discarding it? 
A StickySheet can be used on an average of 5-6 surfaces before discarding (up to 10 surfaces in some situations). This number may increase or decrease depending on the amount of hair or lint on the surface you wish to clean. Remember: firm, even pressure increases the adhesive bond to the hair (you can even sit on it!).